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SOC #1     1985     Stafford Speedway Showdown of Champions - Dale Earnhardt, Cale Yarbrough, Tim Richmond and others competing in Pro Stock Feature.  Plus Support Races & Heats

SOC #2     1986     Stafford Speedway Showdown of Champions - Dale Earnhardt in his #3 Wrangler Jeans Pro Stock, Darrell Waltrip, Tim Richmond, Ron Bouchard competing in the Pro Stock Division.  Earnhardt - Waltrip Match Race.  Support Races & Heats.

Vintage #1     1950's and 1960's.       Riverside Park Speedway, Stafford Motor Speedway(Dirt), Trenton, N.J. Speedway, Lebanon Valley Speedway, Thompson Speedway, Eastern States Expo Fairgrounds and MORE!

Vintage #2     1960's and 1970's.       Waterford Speedbowl, Plainville Stadium, Riverside Park, Middletown, N.Y. Speedway, Nazerath, Pa. Speedway, Trenton, N.J., Eastern States Expo, Thompson.

Vintage #3    1970's                            Stafford, Thompson, Lakeville, Ma. Speedway, Keene, N.H., Westboro, Ma. Speedway, Hillsboro, N.C. - 1968 G.N. Race-Petty Winner

Vintage #4     1960's                           Riverside Park, Waterford, Plainville, Stafford(Dirt), Thompson(1974&1975),   Lakeville, Ma.

Vintage #5     1960's                            Eastern States, Stafford(Dirt), Thompson, Plainville, and MORE! 

Vintage #6     1950's                            Lonsdale, R.I. Speedway,  Building the J-2 Stock Car and MORE!

Vintage #7    1950's                            Lebanon Valley, Building the M-6(1961), Thompson, Stafford(Dirt-1961)

Vintage #8    1982                               1982 NEAR Banquet

Vintage #9     1998                               NEAR Hall-of-Fame Induction Banquet, Wild Bill Slater, Gene Bergin, Ron Bouchard, Bugs Stevens, Ernie Gahan, Pete Hamilton and MORE!

Vintage #10 1999                               NEAR Hall-of-Fame Induction Banquet, Leo Cleary, Eddie West, Wild Bill Greco and MORE!

Vintage #11  2000                              NEAR Hall-of-Fame Induction Banquet, Don Lajoie, Ron Narducci, Homer Drew, Dave Humphrey, George Summers, Buddy Krebs and MORE!

Vintage #12 2001                              NEAR Hall-of-Fame Induction Banquet, Hully Bunn, Denny Zimmerman, Jack Arute, Don MacTavish, Chick Stockwell, Don Rounds and MORE!